day 10

day10 jiajiayian to wuning. Our last hotel was this roadhouse at a truck stop. I spent quite some time talking to the hostess about her life. She has three kids with her in this small village on the two sides of the fork on the national road. Whenever a truck comes in, she would either cook for them, wash their truck, or add water to their breaks to prevent them from overheating. Since trucking is a 24/7 job, so does she. She would sleep for an hour or two everyday, mostly in the morning when the trucking activity is low. I suggest her to live a more sustainable life but I don’t think she would listen. This is the hardship of living in this country perhaps, that they do endure a great deal only to survive.

I made coffee in the morning outside of her truck shop from the spring water she pointed to me on the side of the road. It was great water that made great coffee. The spring was almost polluted, with garbage bags laying next to it and also all the truck’s waste water tumbled into the same creek.

We took off a bit late because there was some business marian needed to take care of in the morning. The road was this long gradual uphill and very intense downhill that sends my bike doing 60 km/h. We took a small village road with golden rice tussles on both sides of the road in between small mountains. With my boombox set to some missouri music it was quite fantastic. That was perhaps of the magical moment of the day.

The road took a turn and coming in was my first major mountain of Nangao. It was a treturous ascent since i don’t have gear low enough for the job. I had to tough it through while letting my sweat drip through over 9 km. The top of the mountain I climbed up some abadoned stairs to a hidden lookout spot to make a cup of ethiopian coffee. yum. If you don’t look around to see all the litters on the ground even though this is some wild wild mountain.

Marian kept saying during her 08' trip she passed by this bee farmer by the side of the road on the ascent side and had a long conversation with him, and she was aimed to look for him. On the descent side I saw this very bee farmer who remember some american went through a couple of years ago. Funny thing is Marian did not think it was the same person and went by did not stop. The bee farmer has been on the mountain for over a decade and sells mountain honey. She insists on giving me some honey without money. This is rather rare in this country where the first thing people ask each other is “how much does that cost?”.

On the way into the town from the mountain I saw a tricycle in the ditch and helped it out. This is my karma point of the day.

I got lazy after finding hotel. Called delivery the first time. Later police came in the hotel and knocked on everyone’s door to ask for suspicious persons. They even arrested a few.

first serious mountain!
coffee whenever possilbe
the bee farmer and her hives
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