Things to consider for launch an app in app store

The world of apps is crowded! At some point of time you will feel that you are leaving behind a crucial component. With the right launch plan, you can plan for success in an App store. In the process you can retain your customers for a long time, Before any App store optimization, you need to be aware of the do ‘s along with don’t so that all your bases are covered.

Before launch

Choose a platform wisely

The world is full of infinite resources and you would need both iOS along with Android at the same time. You would need to consider on which platform you would like to launch it first and each one has its positives along with negatives associated with it. Though iOS works out to be more profitable, the Android ones are better for retention and adoption.

Acquisition campaigns need to be planned

Every app is going to involve an organic acquisition, but some of them are going to be paid as well. Facebook is widely used, but SEO should be involved in the planning phase. Mobile advertisements tend to work much better as it is already embedded in the mind-set of the customers.

During the process of launch

Clearly figure out what is working and what is not

Understand which are the features which draw in more attention . The primary goal here is to figure out on how users interact with your app and you would need to enhance their experience by offering them what they want. A close eye needs to be kept on the app when it is being launched as well.

Consider the initial app store success levels.

In the long term, download is not the only metrics to figure out where your app has been successful or not. All eyes should be glued to the app and that would mean tracking is a prime indicator of things.

After launch

A plan needs to be formulated for keeping the audience engaged over a period of time

Promoting app downloads is important, but do not forget maintaining along with usage aspect of the app. If the customers are happy or engaged the chances of conversion improves and they are likely to spell out positive reviews. They are the most valuable resources at your peril and all efforts need to be taken so that they are happy which a must is for sure.

Work on app store optimization in generation of value

Once launched you can formulate a better idea on how users are responding to the features of the app.Your ultimate focus should be to ensure that the clients are optimized for lifelong. When you calculate the ROI on your app this is the primary indicator. But do take into consideration each and every app is different from the other.

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