Photo by Angelo Pantazis

I have a dream that one day REELITY will become a reality.

The following description is a brief overview for a hypothetical decentralized entertainment ecosystem called REELITY. This is an open challenge for ethical entities out there: create this ecosystem and transform the world of entertainment, from creation to consumption.

REELITY is a revolutionary, decentralized entertainment ecosystem that reinvents how content is created, distributed, and consumed, by simultaneously addressing various existing issues in the entertainment industry. …

artist: danny howe

Imagine a world in which piracy is not only a thing of the past but in which content creators get their due, audiences no longer need to pay through their teeth to view what they want nor risk private data theft to do so, studios and distributors have indisputable rights distribution, and even advertisers are happy.

The entertainment industry involves hundreds of billions of dollars, where a colossal chunk is generated just on at-home media consumption. Thus, it seems rather intuitive that entertainment should be, essentially, something that is by the people, for the people. …

Lady Blockchain

The entertainment industry needs decentralization and I’m here to tell you why. And maybe how. Also, women in blockchain kick major butt.

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