Know More about the Conception of Chemical Pregnancy & its Effects

The very name “chemical pregnancy “might raise some confusions. It does not mean testing pregnancy with chemical properties. To be clear and concise chemical pregnancy symbolizes early pregnancy loss or a miscarriage. Very often a woman misses her menstrual period and becomes happy to learn that she is pregnant. But when a clinical test takes place the happiness is soon turned into a state of loss. Chemical pregnancy acts like a false alarm signaling a woman that she is going to be a mother. It is only when you reach the state where ultrasonography confirms everything you can call it a standard clinical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancy is harsh reality which leaves a woman in a state of grief.

How can you Detect Chemical pregnancy?

In chemical pregnancy the Hcg blood levels instead of increasing starts decreasing and vaginal bleeding starts to occur shortly after the positive pregnancy test. When you visit your gynecologist for a clinical test these symptoms which otherwise cannot be understood is revealed properly. So, chemical pregnancy is not reliable as it simply takes you closer to a state of loss and despair.

The Probable Causes:

The cause of chemical pregnancies and Miscarriage are almost similar to one another although there are no full-fledged reason that reveal its cause. But many esteemed doctors and fertility experts have said that chromosomal abnormalities in the developing baby are the root cause of chemical pregnancies. Besides that early miscarriages also happen due to other factors like dietary changes, working out vigorously in the gym, taking too much official pressure, less sleep and relaxation, consumption of drugs and alcohol and various other factors. It is very difficult to surmise the frequency of chemical pregnancies as many end up in miscarriages even before knowing the fact that they have actually conceived. It is disheartening to state that almost 70% women out of 100 end up in miscarriages. Women who do not keep a track of their regular menstrual cycle and ovulation period properly can end up in an early miscarriage.

Effects of Chemical Pregnancy:

The effects of chemical pregnancy or an early miscarriage can be organized into two headings. One is the physical phase and the other is the mental stage.

  • Chemical pregnancies leave very less side effects on the human body as many women cannot even realize that they have had a miscarriage. Post chemical pregnancies might be accompanied by more cramps which can be recovered positively.
  • The emotional side is an important phase which is very hard to pass through. Though some women take it easy there are some who mourn the loss and curse themselves for Pregnancy loss.

We may conclude by stating that though chemical pregnancy is like a bad joke on a woman’s fertility yet there is a hope that you can be pregnant in future by following essential tips & guidelines from fertility manuals & e-books.