The Best Unique Ideas For Decorating Your Mantelpiece

The best and most unique ideas for decorating your mantelpiece

With a soft breeze sending a clear signal that winter is on its way, your mantelpiece will soon become the cozy spot where your family huddles. Although some fireplaces are decorated throughout the year without any fire being added to it, why would you not want to make your mantelpiece the center of attention when guests enter your home?

Ways to make your mantelpiece shine

Many homes have mantelpieces that stick out like a sore thumb. Now is the time to get the silk and candles out, as a transformation is about to take place if you use one of the following ideas to make your mantelpiece shine:

· Antique mirrors

Placing an antique mirror directly above the mantelpiece will create a soft atmosphere. Purple tulips in gold vases will complement the mirror and give a charming feel to the room.

· Moroccan tiles

Many fireplaces look dull with brick foundations. Covering the front and sides of the mantelpiece with Moroccan tiles will give it an instant facelift.

· Blending the mantel

If you have a room that is filled with light and do not wish to disrupt it with an explosion of colors, paint your mantelpiece with more or less the same color as the walls around it. Remember to vary the colors slightly as you do not want your mantelpiece to be completely invisible.

· Formal with a twist

Your average mantelpiece will be dressed in recent pictures of your loved ones and trips abroad. Placing small ornaments such as Roman figurines between each picture frame will break the continued space of images with a pause, giving whoever is looking at the photos a breath of excitement.

· The edgy edges

For those who love art and tend to live a little close to the edge, adding a few textured or daring pieces to the mantel would be a great way to get a conversation started among your guests. Adding a top piece to your mantel that is slightly longer than the mantel foundation will give you a few extra inches to each edge.

· Full-length room extender

Adding a full-length mirror without any borders to it will create the effect that the room is bigger than it is. It is important to remember that when doing this, you need to keep in mind that the more clutter there is in your room, the more clutter it will seem there is.

· Manor mantelpiece

A big portrait directly over the mantelpiece with two candles on the edge of the it will give you an instant manor-house effect — a great idea when trying to get a romantic mood going…

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