Diet Plans That Really Works for Your Fitness Goals

No matter how perfect your workout routine may be, the moment you get something wrong about your diet, everything fails. The way fitness works is not just by getting the right workouts to do but also which diets you should adhere to, ensuring that your efforts towards achieving fitness is not futile. This has been a great worry for bodybuilders; especially beginners as they are not sure what they should include and what should be excluded from their list meal. We have therefore brought to you a list of those diets that would improve the rate at which your workouts yield result so please read on.

What every workout diet has in common is that they pursue one goal; they all target your calorie. Although each of them uses different means to achieve this goal and they all have other different gains, regulating calorie intake to what is required is what they all ultimately pursue. With that in mind, let us take a look at those steps to create the diet plan that would work for your fitness goal.

There are various fitness goals that we all pursue:

-> Fat loss

-> Muscle Building

· The two fitness goals require different methods of approach as the calorie intake requirement is different. For fat loss, you would need to ensure that you create a calorie deficit of about twenty percent below your maintenance level. For muscle building, you would need a surplus calorie intake, about 250 calories above your maintenance level for men and half of that for women. Calorie Maintenance Level is the number of calorie a person needs to eat daily to maintain their current weight and the fastest means to know this is by multiplying your current body weight by 14 and 18.

· One other important factor to consider is Protein intake. Just like the calorie, every bodybuilder needs to know how important protein is to him. This is the building block of your whole training. You cannot workout and have a good diet to go along with it without the inclusion of a large amount of protein sources. For adults in weight training, the recommended daily protein intake is between 0.8 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of the body weight.

· Another factor is Carb Intake. As much as your fat and protein intake would have provided a lot of calorie, there are still some required calories left and this is where your carb intake comes in. you can opt for foods such as fruits, vegetables, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grains. They are all safe foods that will provide you with the carb you need and other nutrients as well.

Now that we have shown you that the different fitness goal you might be considering to pursue, we move to those diets that do the trick. There is a great deal of them but one very important one that works for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians is Ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet provides calorie for the body using its large intake of fat. This diet is a low-carb diet and is one of the largely adopted diets by many bodybuilders.

Keto diet as well as other diets which you can tweak features these foods:

· Eggs- high in protein and healthy fats and also low in carb

· Bacon- high in fat

· Protein Pancakes- low in carb, high in protein

· Avocado- high in healthy fat and vitamins

· Nuts- high in protein and healthy fat

· Kale- high in protein

· Beef Burger- high in fat and protein

· Mushrooms

· Peanut Butter- high in protein and healthy fat

· Whey Protein- high in protein

· Cheese- high in fat

· Salmon and other oily fish

· Oil

· Chicken Thigh

We have listed some number of foods that are just a shadow of the greater number of foods that can be eaten to achieve your fitness goal. Some of these foods are good for Ketogenic diets and other would help you with other diet pursuits.

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