My Fitness Tracker: Measures all your body report and Helps you stay ‘Fit & Healthy’.

Fitness Tracker

Please eat more food” — If you are underweight.

“Do regular exercise with proper diet” — If you are overweight.

You feel disgusting by listening all those sentences, isn’t it so? Obviously, it is neither easy to put on weight nor losing!

Don’t stress! You’ve just come right!

Indeed, there isn’t any secret diet that can help you to lose/put on your weight in only 10 to 15 days! It is a continuous process! To remain ‘Fit and Healthy’ you should take care of your body every single day!

‘My Fitness Tracker’ is an Android application by which you can check your current fitness status! You simply need to enter your own personal details, for example, ‘Age, Weight, Height, Waist, and etc’ and your health statistic report will be created!

This report will contain the following details:

1) BMI (Body Mass Index): It measures the mass (Fat) in your body.

2) Ponderal Index: Measure of leanness.

3) Body Fat (%): Percentage of the total body that contains fat as per your weight.

4) Body Type: Different types of Bodyshape like Apple, Straight, Bell, or Hourglass

5) BMR: The number of calories required to keep your body working in still.

6) Water Intake: Amount of water you require every day.

7) Your Ideal Weight and Waist.

8) Amount of Protein you require every day.

9) Amount of Calories you need to gain/burn per day.

10) Carb Counter: Amount of Calories you need to gain/burn per day

11) Calorie Counter: The number of calories a man needs to eat every day.

The most important part of this application is that it gives you a complete knowledge of all the above-mentioned factors and the ‘Perfect statics required for your body’!

Finally, you just simply have to work on maintaining your fitness report to the ‘Ideal Level’ to stay ‘Fit & Healthy’! Isn’t it cool?

This is the time when you can show your strength. Download “ Daily Health Care Fitness App” from Play Store today, and prove that ‘Being Fit Is Now No More Difficult! :)