My week with Freeletics — #1 + #2

Quick facts

  • Greek god(-ess) I currently hate the most: Athena
  • Average pain level (1–10): 3
  • Motivation level (1–10): 10
  • Fear level (1–10): 11

What happened

A short monologue. “Puh, this was really hard. Thank god I’m through this, I couldn’t have done another of those jumps. Puh.” [Sweating like sh*t] “Puh. I need water. So sad, that this was only the warm up…”

That’s how I felt after my first warm up. It’s really sad, but my body obviously does not have a fitness level to start from. I’ll be going all the way from far below “not fit at all”. Or something even below that. But hey, I have to start somewhere, so it might as well be somewhere down there…

So, I did my first workouts last week and really felt a bit “underchallenged”. Don’t know if this word actually exists, but I’m from Germany, so I have the right to invent words. (Germans tend to just invent new words by concatenating existing ones, so this would perfectly work in german.) Correct me, if it doesn’t. ;-)

As I already wrote in “The Beginning”, I really screwed up the fitness test and got some really easy workouts for my first week. Here is, what I did:

50 Jumping Jacks — PB★ 00:43
1/5 Morpheus — PB★ 01:16 (Yes, that is really slow…)
1/5 Morpheus — PB★ 00:59

All three workouts felt really easy. Well, after having had a pause of several minutes after the warm up. The well known warm up pause (In german, you could concatenate “Aufwärmen” and “Pause” to “Aufwärmpause”. Bam, new word.). These squat jumps did really kill me at the end of the warm up and my circulation nearly collapsed. But I survived and could do the real workouts without further ado. After surviving.

After the workouts, I coachfeedbacked (you get this word invention thing? Love it!) my joy about how well this went and coach listened well. Week #2 wasn’t that easy.

I had my first rendez-vous (let’s throw in some french) with Athena. And I hate her. I completed the entire workout, but it was really hard for me. Especially the situps were quite challenging and I had to insert some pauses (I used the pauses to cry a bit) but I was eventually able to complete every repetition. I had a lot of musclehangover (Muskelkater, german word for aching pains in your body after having made a lot of excercises. You see why word invention is great? So much shorter!) in my abs for round about four days. I didn’t believe in them before, but they must be somewhere below my winterfat (Winterspeck). Ouchviously.

Athena — PB★ 12:12

After that, I had a highly improved version of Morpheus (3/5 instead of 1/5) and that was quite doable. I was not quick when doing things, but I got there.

3/5 Morpheus — PB★ 04:36

And finally, coach wanted me to do my first Poseidon (well, 2 of 4 rounds and simplified Push Ups and Pull Ups). Sadly, I don’t have a possibility to make Pull Ups properly, yet. I ordered a rack, but it won’t arrive until tomorrow, so I tried to replace it with the table (which was really hurtful for my fingers) and the stairs (which was really hurtful for my feet... because I hit the table…). As none of my solutions did really work, I just tried my best in a mixup of both. And failed completely.

Pull Ups are the worst for me. Definitely a weak spot. Just to list it, here’s the time I made:

2/4 Poseidon — PB 06:40

But I don’t count that as a real time. And I will definitely try to add some Pull Up Max after the next few workouts in order to improve my pullupendurance (This would actually really work in german. Klimmzugausdauer. Totally correct.)

What will happen

I’m gonna die. Not today, not tomorrow, but probably on tuesday. I think, there must be some sort of miscommunication between me and coach. He (or she?) want’s me to do Nemesis (Which is 150 situps and 150 climbers. Which is way more than I did in the entire first two weeks.), 2/6 Kentauros (Mixed feelings, but looks ok) and Thanatos (No mixed feelings. Only hate. Ah yes, and fear. So it’s mixed feelings, I guess.).

Death by Freeletics. I’ll let you know how this feels.

What else

When I started to do this, I actually didn’t want to become the perfect freeathlete (Someone already invented this. So sad.) and change my nutrition and everything. I still don’t want to adhere to all aspects of the nutrition rules (I will definitely continue to drink some beer every few weeks. Part of local and family traditions…) but I already started to eat a lot more proteine. I fell in love with eggs and eat a lot of them (Eggs are the perfect food, I think. They have their own box with them, you can store them in the pocket of your jacket, you don’t have to do anything except cooking them… just perfect.), I started eating vegetables, fruits and nuts instead of other snacks and I strongly reduced the amount of carbs I eat.

I already startet eating a bit cleaner over the past year (related to my anxiety disorder), but this is a new level for me. I even started to not sweeten my coffee any more, which is like a change of paradigms concerning my definition of lifequality (In german, this word actually exists. Lebensqualität). And coffee without sweetener and milk is like really arwfx. (No german influence here). Hated it from the beginning, but I feel like I want to get used to consuming less sugar and to tasting things more naturally. Let’s see where this leads me…

I’ll try to post an update every week from now on, but there might be weeks where I just don’t get to it. Please like me anyways. Or don’t. Up to you. :-)

This is sort of a fitness blog (the author isn’t actually fit yet) by a German guy with a bit to much weight and a strong will (hopefully). You can read more about the guy in the first post of the series and follow him in the Freeletics app (username: MV Medium).

Feel free to express your thoughts and support the author’s (hopefully) strong will!

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