The Benefits of a Garage Door Opener app on Your Smartphone

If you happen to have a garage at your home, there is no doubt that you appreciate the benefits of having a garage in the first place. They help to keep your car clean while preserving its paint job while greatly reducing the prospect of rust taking hold of the body of your car. Other than storing your car, you are also able to store a number of your possessions in your garage — especially those which you cherished at one point of time in your life and do not want to throw away.

However, having to open and close the garage door on a regular basis whenever you want to take your car or park it back in can be a real pain. Imagine a situation where you reach home when it is raining cats and dogs. Getting out of your car and manually opening the garage door would be a major inconvenience. This is where a smartphone garage door opener app comes to your rescue. Some of the benefits of using such applications are as follows.

A good garage door opener app will serve to add an extra dimension of security to your house. As mentioned previously, all of us like to store things like our childhood baseball bat, camping tents, and fishing rods in the garage. It would be a shame if it could be stolen easily.

The security provided by the application works on a couple of levels. Firstly, users will be able to realize if your garage door has been opened in your absence and secondly, a constant monitoring of whoever enters and exits your garage at all times. This works by combining a door positioning sensor with a door control module.

The smartphone app allows users who have the requisite authorization codes to open and close the garage door with the push of a button. Only those with access to the codes will be able to enter and exit the door. The data is then stored in the form of a log which users can address. The system also allows users to be informed each time that the door is opened manually.

You can use the app to open or close your garage door from any part of the world, depending on its range. It does not require users to be in the vicinity of the door in order to function. In a situation where you are not at home and a friend needs to park their car in your garage, you can use your smartphone app to open your garage door for your friend. What it also means is that you would not be required to create and share temporary access codes with anyone.

There is also an automatic opening and closing mechanism that users can benefit from. It is very common to drive off while forgetting to close your garage door on your way to an office. Anyone passing through the area can enter your premises and steal things in such a situation. However, the automatic opening and closing feature, which users have to set up, means that your garage door will automatically shut every time you leave your garage in your car.

The best universal garage door opener apps also let users schedule opening or closing times. This means that the door will automatically open and close at certain times during the day for your convenience.