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Digital advertisement is getting out of hands. You open an application and are immediately bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of ads. Auto-play videos, pop-ups, sponsored content: you name it! A growing consensus of individuals shows that the ad-problem, as many like to regard it as, is marring the overall social media and digital application experience. Below, we discuss a few common complaints and their solutions offered by myGaru.

Problem 1.
I Spy with My Little Eye That You Love Cats!

Perhaps one of the biggest problem tech users have with online advertisements is that they are straight-up invasive. Applications in your phone are spying on you, in the literal sense. Developers integrate codes into applications and websites that are meant to deliver monetisation. They collect personal information without the explicit consent of phone users and feed them in blind algorithms that churn out details of what you may or may not like. Advertisers then bombard you with ads that are akin to the said results. If you’re having trouble believing the extent to which this is true, try this experiment and see yourself. Put your phone on the desk in front of you and have a normal conversation with a friend. It can be about something you have never Googled, taken an interest in, or perhaps, even liked! For example, you could talk about car mats. Just make sure you use the word car mats repeatedly in your conversation and then log in to any of your mobile phone applications or games. You’ll probably find the user interface to be flooded with advertisements for car mats! The takeaway from this experiment is that advertisers are sneakier than you think, and advertisement generating algorithms are dumber than one can imagine. …

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“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” ― Buddha

Sharing is not only about caring. It’s about self-development, self-confidence, and happiness. Every time we help someone, we become a bit happier. Moreover, even when we see someone helping others, we feel better.

The report on the Value of the Charity Sector, prepared by the Charity Сomission for England and Wales and together with Frontier Economics showed a direct correlation between charity and people’s well-being. …

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What is OpenRTB and can it secure your personal data?

You visit your favorite website. What can go wrong?

How much time does it usually take to load one page? One second? Maybe a half? One click and you’re where you want to be. Reading the news, seeing the ads.

An interesting fact is while the website is loading, hundreds of actions take place. Simply stated, the site puts on an auction for your attention. Here the big fight starts, where all the ad tech market players are involved. Everyone makes their bid. One of them wins. The technology that allows all these actions is called Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

To be clear, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a process where a website visitor’s information is available to possibly hundreds or even thousands of companies who then bid to be the one that shows the user their advert, all of which is done while a website is loading. …



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