Air Purifiers Taking Their Place In Indian Households

In spite of the efforts taken by environment bodies and the Government, air quality in the country is depleting. Air Quality Index, which is the marker for air quality shows disturbing results. The AQI in metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai remains around 180, which is considered to be unhealthy. Things get a lot worse in certain parts of these cities, as the AQI has been noted to be over 600 in places like Anand Vihar in the Capital city itself.

Smaller cities and towns have not escaped the nuisance of air pollution either. And it’s affecting us, and our loved ones in more ways than we can even imagine.

Poor air quality affects the quality of our lives

A recent study carried out by World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that air pollution in cities and rural areas was estimated to cause 3 million premature deaths worldwide per year in 2012. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that outdoor air pollution is carcinogenic to humans, with the particulate matter associated with increased cancer incidence, especially cancer of the lung.

Poor air quality, outdoors and indoors, can also lead to cardiovascular conditions, neurobehavioral disorders and other health related issues that can seriously impact your wellbeing.

Home Air Purifiers for the Indian Market

An increasing number of people in the country are realizing that it’s up to them to combat the hazards of air pollutions. Car air purifiers have made a big impact in the market as we want a breath of fresh air on the road.

Unfortunately, the threat of indoor air pollution is real too and cannot be overlooked. It’s about the wellbeing of your loved ones after all. That’s the reason Room Air Purifiers that have been so popular in the West are gaining in prominence in India as well.

The Gliese Effect

Gliese is a brand that has taken on the challenge of scouting for the best home appliances from around the world to meet the quality and style needs of Indian families. It has put in years of research in curating technology-advanced products that add to your comfort at home and your health.

It has introduced affordable home air purifiers into the Indian market without compromising on their superior quality. Its range of purifiers offers several levels of purification including powerful HEPA filter, which improves your surrounding air quality tremendously.

Room air purifiers are becoming increasingly important for Indian homes, and Gliese has offered them in smart, sleek and affordable options.