globaliD is a founding sponsor of the Sovrin Alliance

globaliD is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Sovrin Alliance, a global community dedicated to providing education and collaboration around self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Other founding sponsors include CULedger, Desert Financial Credit Union, globaliD, IBM, Irish Life, and Unveil.Social.

Heather Dahl, Executive Director & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation:

“Self-sovereign identity was created by a community of people who want to solve the internet’s identity problem by giving people control of their identities. To make this a global reality, we need to build a global community. The Sovrin Alliance will do this by providing the space for people to learn about and collaborate on SSI at all levels of experience.”

From the press release:

The Sovrin Alliance will shape the future of SSI and the Sovrin Network as it will be the place where organizations from around the world can learn, connect, share, develop, and create interoperability. Members of the Alliance will ensure that the standards being discussed are as compatible as possible and the principles and values of the Sovrin Network are preserved. Moreover, the Sovrin Alliance seeks to increase overall awareness of the groundbreaking benefits of SSI technology both inside and outside the developer community.

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