JP Thieriot on globaliD/Hard Yaka’s ecosystem: “It’s like an industrial revolution for crypto or software”

There’s a new interview with Uphold CEO JP Thieriot that’s well worth checking out.

JP covers topics such as the history of Uphold — an innovative crypto exchange founded in 2013 that’s facilitated billions of dollars worth of transactions, covering 184 countries — as well as his relationship with globaliD co-founder and CEO Greg Kidd.

JP on Greg and their shared vision:

His vision for how this industry should unfold and how it works to the benefit of mankind is very much aligned with our own insofar as creating global access to things that to date have been sort of the exclusive domain of very rich Americans and Europeans … [as well as] more rudimentary financial services access to affordable credit, cross-border remittance, and other things that have been very expensive and painful. We share a worldview on where these things should go. We’re very mutually committed.

JP on Greg’s investment firm, Hard Yaka:

His portfolio is called Hard Yaka, and you will see some Hard Yaka announcements here in the next few weeks that will include Uphold and some other companies … Greg’s recently participated in some other very exciting companies.

JP on Greg’s ecosystem style of investing:

[It’s like] a family pursuing a common goal. What we’re able to achieve in the collective is fascinating. When you have 3,4, or 6 companies working in concert, it’s almost like the industrial revolution for crypto or software. It’s amazing how quickly things can be achieved when you have different companies working on different verticals that are then put together into this intense, wonderful offer.

Check out JP Thieriot’s full interview: