The GID Report #3 — “Facebook’s crypto annoys everyone” but will also shape the future of banking

Jul 23 · 9 min read

1. Trump hates Libra

As globaliD co-founder and CEO Greg Kidd noted in his recent Bizjournal feature — Early Square investor sees Facebook cryptocurrency Libra as a gamechanger (subscription required: “There’s basically pre-Libra and post-Libra. It’s that significant”

2. Libra backlash and why it matters

This past week also saw a flurry of negative headlines, outlining the backlash (much of it political) against Facebook’s new project. Again, I’m not sure how good of a barometer this is of Facebook’s eventual success w/its crypto/payments initiative. If anything, it highlights the impact the company is already having in the space. One little white paper and its gotten the world’s attention in a big, big way.

3. This week in privacy:

4. This week in bad behavior:

5. West Virginia’s blockchain voting experiment

Vadim shared a great piece about the West Virginia blockchain voting experiment (which also happens to be quite relevant to the SSI incubator — as Greg touched upon voting a couple times during our interview).



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