GlobaliD Trustees

1. The WSJ Facebook expose that everyone’s talking about

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Photo: Fortune Live Media

1. The SEC threatens to sue Coinbase

Brian Armstrong, Photo: TechCrunch Disrupt

This week:

1. SEC chief Gary Gensler closes in on crypto

Gary Gensler, center, answers questions during a June 18, 2018, hearing of the House Committee on Agriculture on potential federal oversight of cryptocurrencies. Photo: House Committee on Agriculture

This week:

1. NFT sales reach almost $1 billion in August

Degen Ape NFTs on Solana

This week:

1. The FTC is back with its suit against Facebook

Photo: Alessio Jacona

This week:

1. Where we are with the infrastructure/crypto bill

Photo: European Central Bank

Image: James St. Louis

Your trust halo is the amount of trust others attribute to your identity online.


Portable, private, and secure identity

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