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Cannabis growing space: how can you find it?

Cannabis for medical use is becoming legal in more and more jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. Similarly, states such as California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, likely to be followed in the very near future by Florida and all of Canada in fulfillment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s major election promise.

This has created an unexpected issue. Now that it is legal to cultivate, where can a person actually grow their medicine? Obviously, it’s not in an apartment, where landlords and zoning regulations can be a problem.

Space that is acceptable, secure and zoned for legal marijuana cultivation, for safely growing medicine for personal use or for commercial dispensaries and/or suppliers can be difficult to find.

In many places where medical or even recreational marijuana is now legal, there are strict zoning bylaws in place and few spaces that meet the new regulations. While they are often placed within an industrial zone, space is so far strictly limited by local regulations. Finding such spaces before they are gone is often a real challenge.

On the other side of this equation, savvy real estate investors know that this is a whole new market that is going to explode, and they are working hard buy up land and facilities not restricted by zoning and to quickly get space rezoned in order to meet this emerging market. With an ever increasing demand for space for cultivation, it’s often a challenge to find a space to rent, even for personal use.

There is now a solution. Growspot is a start-up with the mandate of providing a solution for legal medical marijuana cardholders, dispensaries, legal commercial suppliers for dispensaries, and in the increasing number of places where legal, spaces to meet the demand for the cultivation of marijuana.

Growspot is a community marketplace for connecting people with space for personal and commercial growing. It is now as simple as posting a listing!

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