My Top 3 College Courses That Paid For My College Degree

I get asked this all the time, did you really have to go to school to run your own business? My answer, “Starting My Guy when I first started college was the best decision I could have made.” This blog is about the 3 courses I took at the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI that I use everyday in my business. The 3 courses were; digital marketing, market strategy, and sales management.

#1 Digital Marketing Bus-M 432

Professor Chad Politt

By far the impactful class I had while in school. I remember my man focus was branding My Guy. I remember Chad walking into class and stating how content marketing was the way of the present and the future of marketing and branding.

At the time I was building my own website. The topics of the course revolved around how to rank higher on Google through SEO and how the sales funnel is now turned over. Take at look at the example photo below showing you how I created and promote my business today. Check out our Facebook feed and see for yourself. Click Here

Pro Tip: ALWAYS have your call to action in a red. Something with the mind, your eyes instantly hon in on red.

Final Grade: A

#2 Marketing Strategy Bus-M 450

Professor Saxton

This class was a computer generated program. The goal was to sell the most backpacks.

In class we had to make a backpack to sell to the market. Having a range of child book bags with cartoon to a Hiking bag with survival features. The purpose for this project was to realize you can not satisfy everyone in the market with a successful product/service. You had to choose what you can do best and tailor it to your desired market. We didn’t do so hot in this at first. We wanted to sell to everyone. I believe we had a college backpack. Our thought was, we are college kids, we got this. We know what we would want. Boy, that’s where we went wrong!

The photos below is to show you what it looked like.

Selling those backpacks on the online mock platform made realize I needed to focus on our marketing messages. How I have to stay consistent with your branding.

Below I used demographics within a small radius to target my ideal customer. I called her Fiona from Franklin Township. This is what I found out about her.

From my research and looking back at our historical data this is the persona I came up with for our marketing strategy.

Persona of Fiona from Franklin Township

From that persona, I tailored our marketing strategy to focus on women in the 46237 zip code (Franklin Township). Fiona was 35–65 years old. Married. Has kids. Likes baseball, boating, outdoor sports, and likes to maintain her garden. Here are my results.

This strategy was successful. Only place we advertise is in Franklin Township. Tailored to Finding Fiona. Everything else was organic through content marketing.

Final Grade: A

#3 Sales Management Bus-M 426

Professor Donahue

Coffee is for closers Only. But how do you manage your closers? That’s where sales management comes in.

This class was actually a course I took in an exhilarated 8 week course on winter break before my last semester. It was an all day course too. I believe it was 8–3pm for 4 weeks then the final project would be the last 4 weeks.

My final grade does not reflect the information I took away from this course. Senioritis is real everyone.

But the reason why I ranked Sales Management in my Top 3 is because it showed me that I need to be doing better in tracking my metrics and how I need to have systems in place for my team. All things that I have been implementing since taking the class and will continue to.

One thing I implemented this year was our youth sales mentoring program. I hired two 15 year olds from Franklin Township High School. What was so great about this program was I had to create systems to keep the organized on where they would be distributing door hangers and how they would track their interactions with the residents so we could follow up with a direct mailer or phone call.

Here is the script I wrote the kids on how to approach Fiona and Fred in Franklin Township that closed 46 jobs this summer!

The youth sales mentoring program closed out the summer with 46 closed jobs with an average cost $300 per job. We will be doing this program again with many more high schools.

Final Grade: C

I want to replicate the youth sales mentor ship program with college students. I want 3 college students to have coffee with this semester. Who do you know?


All in all, if you made it to here, you can see that the 135 credit hours and 6 years of college really did pay off. I have my diploma paid for and a business I plan to continue to grow. I can say with confidence that digital marketing, market strategy, and sales management are by far my top 3 favorite college courses.

Shout out the Kelley School it Business!

Pro Tip: if you are sitting in someone’s office make sure you are aware of what is in there.