Melanie Ruiz
Oct 20, 2017 · 3 min read
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I think that it is appropriate that for my first ever post on Medium, it is on the “National Day on Writing.” #WhyIWrite is trending on Twitter and it seems the universe’s way of letting me know today was the right day to start up on Medium.

I have my own blog and I tend to stick to it. However, as a part of a blogging challenge by EduBlogs, I was challenged to move off my own blog and look to post elsewhere. Medium was suggested, so here I am.

I had been aware of Medium for a while, but never really engaged. I have spent some time poking around and thinking about it, then finally decided to just do it.

I am an educator and an aspiring administrator. I want to see our schools evolve and change to be more reflective of the society we live in today and better prepare our students for the lives ahead of them. I want to engage with others who are helping to make that change and I want very much to be a part of that change.


I have always wanted to write for as long as I can remember. As a student in high school and college, I remember talking myself out of any kind of writing career because I felt I didn’t have the skill for what I understood to be a very competitive field. I remember telling myself “there is no way I could make enough money as a writer” so I never truly pursued it. Even though I had ruled out writing as a career, writing was still a part of my life of course. There are the numerous diaries and journals I have kept, as well as the fiction I have written and continue to write. I don’t recall when blogging started for me in earnest, but I have had my own website as a teacher for over 10 years so I am sure my more public writings began somewhere in that time frame.

I write for myself and for others. I write to start a dialog. I write to reflect. I write to express myself. I write to be free. I write so that I won’t feel alone and isolated. I write to make friends in unexpected places. I write to feel alive.

Writing helps me to focus the noise in my head and make something meaningful out of it. Writing helps me process the insane amount of information I take in daily from multiple sources both personally and professionally. Writing is art.

As a professional with a career in education, I don’t feel like I did in high school and college. I do have the abilities to be a published author, and perhaps one day I will be. It isn’t a set goal of mine, but I won’t rule it out. Regardless, I will always write. Writing means too much to me to give it up. It is a passion and I don’t need to make a living at it to continue to enjoy it and publish my writing where I will. I look forward to the roads my writing takes me on and the people I meet along the way. The growth and reflective nature of that journey is well worth it.

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