My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

First of all this was a very interesting and thoughtful article, even though at the end it does come down to ‘thinking out loud’ about moving.

Your accolades and your bona fides are more than just impressive, the fact that you don’t have seed money is a little weird. But, the devil is in the details and if you are getting more detailed constructive criticism on your pitch than “go generate seven figures of ARR and call again” (frankly, if you can do that, you won’t have to call them, they’ll call you) it isn’t evident. Do you think they doubt the strength of your team to scale up? Did you pursue feedback from Ycombinator on why they passed? I think calling your business a”Yelp-killer”,while sounding cool — also means youneed to be evaluated on your ability to actually put an army of reps on the sidewalks all over the country to accomplish said killing. Is that really what you started Localeur for?

I would suggest to you that a common fallacy of analyzing the trade-offs of two compelling choices, is underestimating the potential negatives of the choices you might make. You reeled off a contact list in Austin that most people I know would kill for. I do not think that getting on a VC’s mailing list is a very good trade for disconnecting from that support system. Those contacts are serious social proof and could tip the scales in your favor when an investor who believes in you comes along. Moving is an achievable task, but moving and keeping your work momentum is not trivial. Moving and re-establishing yourself, maintaining the cohesion of your product and your team is not trivial, and most importantly, I would speculate that the answers you seek to closing the loop here are found in your product, not your location.

Best of luck in any event, reading this article I actually fear it is the early stages of giving up, i.e. making a last-ditch effort to validate the idea. The idea is valid! The product exists! Do people love the app? I’m going to go try it now. Don’t give up, though. In the worst-case scenario, consider trying to find a way to (gasp) run Localeur as a cash business. those are good too.

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