Introducing MyHive.Finance

There’s a brand new chain in town — the Aurora Chain. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new chain or an old chain, they have the same ol’ Defi troubles — scammers and rugpulls. If it isn’t scammers that pose risk to investors, it is the hidden risks of uncontrolled inflation that chip away at your investment, and investors on the chain are none the wiser. The Aurora chain is missing a comprehensive portfolio tracker tool that gives investors the tools needed to understand their holdings and their inherent risks.

But not anymore!

Introducing MyHive.Finance

Main Features:

  • View all holdings in Aurora’s DEX systems and your wallet.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to create a comprehensive portfolio tracking platform that gives investors analytics tools, some of which are integrations with the best the blockchain has to offer, to minimize risk and maximize profit yields.

What can be monitored at launch?

We monitor the following DEX at the time of launch announcement, and we might have added others by the time of launch:

  • AuroraSwap

Shortly after launch, we will add additional DEXs as they become available on the AuroraChain.

If the DEX does not expose their earning token price API, is not trading on AuroraSwap, visible on CoinGecko, we will not include the yields. Instead, we will work with the DEX to make that information available.

How does it work?

Visit, enter the address you wish to explore in the textbox, and click on Watch Wallet.

If it is a valid address, it will launch the application and begin retrieving the information from the Aurora blockchain. Depending on the speed of the blockchain, congestion of the APIs, and the number of DEXs, it may take a few seconds to render. There are visual cues to show when it is loading, and if there is no data for the DEX, it will disappear — except for the primary partner AuroraSwap.

The dashboard contains many metrics, charts, and several PRO features that are stubbed with the PRO notation when the services are not active.

Additionally, is mobile responsive with the same sleek, clean UI that you see in the desktop version.

What data do we store?

We do not store any user or personal information. The only data stored in MyHive is blockchain-related information cached for faster responses, application resilience, and to reduce the load on the AuroraChain node.

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MyHive.Finance — on Aurora Chain

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