2019 Color Trends: Revealed Here

Fashion connoisseurs anticipate lively colors and bold contrasts to dominate the fashion space in 2019. While 2018’s pastel palette has been super refreshing, this year is all about ‘empowering’ hues.

Psychologically speaking, bright colors perk up our mood! Being around ‘’happy colors’’ induces our brain to release the feel-good hormone dopamine. Bright colors promote empowerment as well! The Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman forecasts ‘’Confident, uplifting, joyful hues, but the undercurrent is empowerment to all of them.’’ In fact, Spring-Summer 2019 collections are awash with confident and happy hues.

Below are some ‘standout colors’ that are set to be huge hits in 2019:

Auburn Red

Regal and chic, auburn red is a shade that radiates confidence and makes your look magnetic. Terracotta has emerged as a big trend, but 2019 will see the brown tones getting warmer, gravitating towards Auburn. How about flaunting this stylish color on your tresses?!

Powder Blue

Striking the right balance between neutral and bold shades, powder blue is touted as the ‘IT color’ of 2019. It is subtle, calming yet adds a dash of happiness to your appearance! Cobalt and sky blues will never go out of style, but these popular shades have taken the backseat this year, while the mesmerizing color powder blue dominates.

Sapphire Yellow

Sapphire yellow is bursting with positive and mood-enhancing vibes! It embodies funkiness, tropical flavors and the strength of sunshine! Moreover, this color cannot be labeled as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’, making it a universal fashion favorite.

To continue reading about the color trends of 2019, click here: https://huedee.com/blogs/the-it-colours-of-2019-is-revealed-here/the-it-colours-of-2019-is-revealed-here

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Color up and spread positivity!

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