8 Reasons you Should Consider Using a Certified Career Coach

Job seekers! Are you just starting your search, stuck in the process, or not certain even where to start? Maybe it is time to consider using a career coach. Here are 8 reasons why.

Unique Career Advice

Job searching tips and guidance are all over the web, but not every piece of advice fits us all. Career coaches are trained to provide direction, motivation and council to identifying what you are passionate about, and morphing a career path that would align with your interests and values.

Strategy, Research, and Tactics

While there may be multiple positions listed on job boards, employers rarely hire from sites like Indeed or Zip Recruiter. Coaches spend time with you to form personal and professional goals and create an action plan that outlines the appropriate tools that would maximize your search efforts.


Chances are, a career coach already has a pretty solid network in place. They are passionate about helping people in general so they know how to approach various networking situations. Whether you are a networking pro or in need of guidance, a career coach can help open a whole new world on how to make connections and staying in touch with valuable contacts.

Value Proposition

What make your skills unique? Your career coach will help you evaluate your job skills and strengths to create a powerful value proposition or elevator pitch to use at networking events, interviews, or every day interactions.

Personal Branding

Are you aware of what potential employers may find online from your social media accounts? You may be doing all the right things, but if an interviewer were to Google your name, what would pop up? 72% of companies are hiring directly from Social Media. A career coach will review all your Social Media Platforms and teach you how to utilize Social Media in your Job Hunt.

Resume Review

Applicant tracking systems are taking over the recruiting process. Career Coaches have the expertise and knowledge on what keywords can help break down the doors of any ATS to help you stand out from the crowd.


You may have the skills and knowledge to land your dream job, but how are your interviewing skills? Coaches can run mock interviews and provide valuable feedback on appearance, body language, tone of voice, and information on how to answer those difficult questions.

Offer and Salary Negotiations

Let’s face it, if you are not familiar with salary negotiations, having an expert on your side can only help. Your career coach can help you determine the salary range you should be at based on the industry you are in, your market, and overall experience. They can also help with tips and tricks and how to approach the delicate subject matter.

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