5 Reasons You Need Custom E-Commerce

Custom eCommerce and direct printing is revolutionizing the print industry. Custom t-shirts make up 35% of market share available to independent print shops. The market is highly competitive, but Inklocker software effortlessly and perfectly positions you to succeed. Let’s talk about 5 reasons your business needs to offer custom eCommerce.

1. Global Customers

Traditionally, print shops have struggled to reach customers outside of their local market. Tools like Shopify and WooCommerce allow custom apparel designers to easily market and sell their products to the entire world. Say good bye to geographic limitations and, hello to global eCommerce customers.

2. Higher Margin Orders

Custom orders yield higher margins than traditional local jobs because of the specialized nature. Don’t miss out on the enormous benefit these cash cow jobs bring to your business.

3. Automation Saves Time

Printing quality apparel takes time, so any process improvement provides massive benefits to your operation capacity. Inklocker automates time-sucking processes like inventory management, design logistics, and fulfillment. That time can now be used to print more, which means extra revenue and less downtime!

4. Steady Order Flow

Local markets do not provide steady revenue, but the global market can provide a more reliable flow of demand. By making your business available to these markets, you are able to secure a steadier order flow.

5. Less Stress, More Success

Focus on what your shop does best; printing quality shirts and apparel. Stop stressing about fulfillment logistics and the source of new jobs. With Inklocker, your shop can print and fulfill orders from one program. Join us today and let us help you reach your full business potential.