Don’t Sleep on Your Biz!

(aka 3 DTG Metrics To Watch)

We relentlessly pursue innovation that increases profits and gives us greater freedom to indulge in Taco Tuesdays. Because DTG printing is a numbers game like any business, to put yourself ahead and maximize your efforts, you need details! Here are three critical metrics you should be tracking.

1. Order Turnaround

Don’t be in the dark! Make sure you know what your average order turnaround time is; from receipt of the order until that puppy ships. inklocker’s software makes tracking this detail as simple as scanning a barcode. Knowing your turnaround time and unlocking the power to refine it will improve your profits.

2. Process Times

Key processes should be timed and tracked. If a bottleneck is found, you should invest in that segment of production to increase capacity and output. For example, if pretreatment is a bottleneck, keeping a stock of pretreated shirts or streamlining the pretreatment process can save you big money.

3. $ of Goods Sold

Add up all monthly, quarterly, and annual fixed costs so you know the actual cost of good sold. Numbers on things like rent, equipment leases, and salaried employees all matter. Divide the cost for ink, blanks, labor, and utilities on related items. Get empowered to take steps that drive down your costs and ensure profits.

At inklocker we live to help you improve. Hit us up today to find out how you can print smarter and live better. ✌️