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A young man curiously watched Buddha meditating, sitting serenely in his trance as if free from any pain in this world.

After a long wait, Buddha finally opened his eyes and looked at him.

The young man eagerly asked, “What does meditation give you?”

Buddha smiled, and then he gave the most unexpected response, “Nothing”.

The young man was puzzled.

“Meditation does not give me anything. But it takes away my negative thoughts, my guilt, my blame, my anger, my pain, my fears and my suffering.”

It leaves me with positive emotions, peace and amusement.

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An alternate perspective

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That look on his face said it all. The deep yearning eyes, the soft caressing hands, the nervous vulnerable smile…

I could see what was coming.

This gorgeous man, the one who gave me goosebumps every time my phone rang, he was sharing how he was falling in love with me.

My heart was racing in delight, swooning and dancing with excitement. My imagination was already scripting a wondrous daydream of the two of us.

The more he talked about how he was falling in love for me, the bigger my smile became. Brimming with passion, he shared how his heart no longer belonged to him but was mine to cherish forever, to give love and happiness for the rest of our lives. …

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Is it wrong to prioritize your own desires?

First off, this isn’t an article that you need to read privately.

The type of loving that I’m talking about is appreciating and looking after yourself. It’s perhaps different from your first thoughts but more fun and fulfilling.

So what does self-love truly mean? Do you love yourself? And, the big question, is it selfish?

Let’s start by looking at how your self-appreciation is going. Consider a few scenarios.

1 Let’s say that you go out for dinner with your partner. You notice their special and truly want to order it. But your partner suggests something else for you instead and insists you try that. …


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