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    Miha Ahronovitz
    December 27, 2010 at 1:08 am
  2. I do not know why, but Roger Kamenetz book is about my life too. And I did not write this book. But his observation that Kafka used a Talmudic thinking to write is documented brilliantly. His observation that Kafka lived an eternal Yom Kippur, being obsessed whether he is judged by every word he said, stemming from a perfectionism impossible to achieve, it about me a little. Kafka never crossed the door of the Law, he never reached the Castle, he does…

Joseph was able to turn his life around, extricating himself from the depths and soaring to the heights, by learning to surrender his Ego. As soon as he acknowledged G-d’s presence and providence in his life, abandoning the illusion that his achievements were the result of his own prowess, true success ceased to elude him.

Joseph name in the Torah is also Tzafnas Paneach , the explainer of dreams”. He has the “God’s Breath” in him. He was sold as a slave. How many “explainers of dreams” perished without a trace? Fortunately Joseph survived

It’s the protocol of life —…

Does it sound familiar to you?

It is 10 p.m. after a so-and-so day, looking for contracts or things to happen, that did not happen and I wonder if will ever happen. I turn on the TV with thousands of channels and see nothing.

I switch to Netflix and watch episode 10 of Love . Gus (Paul Rust) is a tutor and aspiring screenwriter. Arya (Iris Apatow) is a 12 years old “pre-pubescent” spoiled girl, but with a big heart. She is a soap opera star . This is what they say

Arya: You’re OK?

Gus: I just got fired.

What is cloud computing?

We have different evolving answers to this simple question. Here is a chronological list of the most popular cloud definitions as I see it.

The Cloud Computing discussion group definition

From 2009. There are two main driving forces for Cloud-Computing:
1. On demand computing i.e. the ability to get a resource when I need it in matters of minutes.
2. Pay-per use i.e. the ability to pay only for what I use.
The rest is implementation detail.

NIST cloud computing definition

NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) cloud definition expanded over the years to two pages. This is most accurate, long, academic, monotonous definition of cloud computing. It…

Miha Ahronovitz

,I help create products that are different because Invisibility reveals more than it hides.

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