Love Bias
Sofie Lindblom

Well done I like your way of thinking and your simple way of writing and simplifying things with diagrams. I can say that you are a good lady with pure heart and you want goodness and love to cover the whole universe to break the labels and rules which complicate our lives. I do not like labeling; like black or white, young and old, healthy and disabled , first world and third world….etc. You are right, love should spread every where in the world to replace hate and should not be limited to loving the other gender but we should love Allah our creator all the prophets who supplied us with the words of Allah which showed us the good path if we want success in our life and the bad one which lead to failure in this life and hereafter. We should also love beauty of nature and the creation of Allah which created to help us and maintain our life in this universe. I agree with you that we should think out of the box to discover good things and new ideas to make a better life but always we should not ignore borders and limits made by the creator (who create us and know what benefit and what harm us) because if we do this we will harm us and lead to losing everything in this life and hereafter.

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