I used to wonder about what it must have felt to be a German, seeing your police go and carry off Jewish families from their homes for no reason other than being born in another part of the world and emigrating to Germany.

I don’t have to wonder anymore. Last month 12,000 men, women and children were taken out of their homes, schools and places of work and deported to a place where they have no future, no family and no past. Forced to loose all they have worked for, all that they created. We stole their labor and sent them back with nothing. They were taken away CONTRARY to what Trump said by ICE WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL CAUSE.

This indifference you may have had, this feeling of “what can I do” or this feeling of “hmm, I didn’t notice it” that’s how non-Jewish Germans probably acted and felt. This is how they went on about their day as Jews were deported to Ghettos while their belongings were confiscated and looted.

12,000 people were picked out of their places of safety who have been contributing to our society and not bothering anyone. 12,000 human beings who were students, workers and residents, taken out like some kind of virus and sent God knows where without due process or consideration for why they are here or what they contributed to this country.

This is the new AMERICA, we are living in it, we are choosing to let this happen, every day.

But you don’t have to. Commit to one act of activism or resistance, a month, a week, a day, no matter how small.

Do your part.


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