There is nothing more important or harder than learning to write, well.

Writing is insane. It is insane. Think about. Humans were not created to speak, we were created to make sounds just like all other animals. However, we invented arbitrary symbols, to express arbitrary words we also invented to communicate about objects, experiences and feelings we also invented.

The feeling of flight was something we invented as that is a feeling humans aren’t supposed to have. There are no planes in nature, we invented them. There are no pens, or paper or writing in nature, we invented it and it takes decades to become expertly proficient in the use of that invention to the point that we can effectively communicate with other humans.

This ability may seem to be not valued, after all, we make fun writers and poets. However, dictators do not kill artists, or engineers or mathematicians, they kill writers. It is not painters who get the Nobel prize, equivalent of Chemistry and Math, but writers. Even the musician Bob Dylan received his Nobel Prize not for his music, but his writing.

Writing is difficult. It requires thought, planning and continuous improvement. The smallest missed detail can ruin a piece of writing. Not everyone can do that. In fact, out of millions of written books, only a few hundred are part of the “classics” the must read books, the books which speak to generations, to eternity. There must have been millions of writers over the thousands of years but very few of them have written something that was copied and saved for posterity because it spoke a truth in a way that connected with all people across all time.

Think of it, there would be no progress, there would be no technology if there was not writing to put those inventions on paper to show other inventors to re-create and improve. Writing is at the core of a memory and all communication across space and time. Writing is what makes us super human. This is why Superman was a journalist, a person who can put down truth on paper, to take ideas from the ether of the mind and make it a reality to spread around the world faster than a speeding train, higher than a flying plane, louder than the a thunderstorm, more powerful than a nuclear explosion. All things, which would be impossible without the power of the written word.

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