5 God Idols That You Must Have At Home

Having God’s idol at home is a sign of happiness and positivity. Every idol is a marvel and can be said to be a novelty. The features of God’s statue make a worthy addition to your home decoration. Moreover it is a healthy and positive addition that makes your home perfect to live in.

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Idol of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, the son of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva, is entrusted to be the lord of prosperity, happiness, longevity and peace. The believers of Ganesha have utmost faith in him and keep his idol at home and at work to gain positivity. Lord Ganesha is also believed to be the Lord who helps his devotees overcome obstacles and removes negativity from their lives.

Besides adding elegance to your décor, the idol of Lord Ganesha also serves as a major source of positivity and happiness. Bring home his idol to relive life in an ideal way.

Lord Shiva Idol

Shiva is one of the most powerful Hindu deities, the iconic aspects related to Lord Shiva are the snakes around his neck, his blue body, the crescent moon, the third eye and his trident. The lord has various names and forms and is revered across the world on the auspicious day of Shivratri. People fast without food and water on this day to please the lord.

Lord Shiva statue brings goodness, strength and happiness and it aslo serves as a great gift especially for religious occasions and festivities.

Radha Krishna statue

Radha Krishna idol is famous as the embodiment of eternal love. They never married but are inseparables with pure love and devotions towards each other. Radha Krishna statue spreads a positive and loving aura wherever it’s placed. Couples can bring home the diligently crafted idol statue of radha Krishna to experience healthy and loving ambiance.

Spread a positive vibe in your living space with divine statue of Radha Krishna!

Laddu Gopal ji

The little or childhood form of Shri Krishna is known as Laddu gopal or bal gopal who has shown his magical powers to the world. Everyone wants to have a child like Laddu gopal who as so many attributes. His personality is such that anyone around him instantly gets attracted towards his little deity. Devotees love to have his idol at home to make the environment pleasant and happy.

Enlighten your home with the auspicious statue of Laddu Gopal ji that not only reflects the artistic brilliance but also rejuvenates the ambiance of your living space with positive and happy aura.

These God’s idols are sure to be loved by your guests!

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