2016 Is Not Killing People
Judy Carter

I’m glad to see other people finding this article as stupid and worthless as I did. I tried discussing this with Ms. Judy Anne but when she couldn’t properly explain herself, like a coward, she blocked me. So I’m going to say this here.

This article is one big long “no shit.” No shit some of these people lived fast lives and paid the cost. No shit drug and alcohol abuse is bad for you and can lead to an early death. The fact that this “writer” thinks they’re dropping some kind of gem on us is embarrassing. What’s more embarrassing is the fact that she thinks people actually believe a year is supernaturally killing people. (I have the screenshots where she acknowledges this idiocy.) As I told her, if she actually takes people saying “2016 killed another person” literally as if the year is a character of an 80’s slasher film, either she’s extremely naive or hangs out with really stupid people.

The fact is a lot of icons passed away this year. Instead of putting up judgmental shitpieces with misinformation abound, how about you join in with the rest of us and celebrate their lives?! Aside from them being actors, musicians, artists, etc. these are real people whose friends and families don’t need some wannabe journalist posting articles talking out of her ass trying to be controversial. Grow up and stop telling people who and how to grieve.

Oh and the most embarrassing part about this is how Judy tried to claim people were “mansplaining” to her how she’s stupid for what she wrote. This has NOTHING to do with your sex. This has EVERYTHING to do with your shitty article.

Medium…you need to screen your writers better.