You can’t learn everything, but don’t stop trying

Recently, I have been having Eureka moments more and more …

No, it doesn’t involve baths as much as you think 😋

A few weeks ago, it was the discovery of NodeRed, an environment that helped you wire together an application system using a beautiful drag and drop interface.

Skeptical? So was I …. Check it out here.

So, I keep bumping into new stuff I don’t know and it humbles me.

How in the seven hells is there this much knowledge in the world?

Makes me see that the world around me is amassing knowledge much-much faster than I can comprehend and even more, assimilate.

Challenge Accepted

Just yesterday, I began refocusing on improving my NodeJS skills, via re-implementing this as this, and it’s been fun.

You should have seen me writing mocha tests and debugging Node with Visual Studio Code like I’ve been doing it all my life.

I learnt a whole lot of things that blew my mind.

Want an example?

One of them is really simple, that I could read a JSON file contents and convert to a JavaScript object with just the require("./file-path.json") statement.

var arr = require("./file-path.json")

I was focused on finding out how to use the fs (file-system, I guess) object to do the job when I stumbled upon that.

Maybe I’m more hyper than I should have been, but I was thrilled.

So simple!

So elegant!!

Who was behind this idea? Someone give him/her a Nobel.

Another example?

Just yesterday, I’d listened in on a conversation between two Unity game developers and remembered how I once wanted to learn to make games. This while I had just begun developing for the web.

I’d completely forgotten about that dream, and their conversation was enough to re-ignite that passion.

Someone, hold my passion back before it ruptures space-time

I’ve downloaded and installed Unity 3D and messed up my Visual Studio 2015 installation in the process.

But, my main IDE!!!

No fear, it’s being repaired as I write this … but attempting to fix it has made me explore so many parts of my computer I might never have gone to before.

In all these learning adventures, I’ve come to realize this …

There’ll always be that thing you don’t know.

Doesn’t mean you should give up at attempting to know it all.

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