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We’ve all heard the phrase, ’nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Most of us agree, at least in theory, that if we’re to make great leaps in life and business, we must be willing to take a few risks. And in moments of little consequence, even the most risk-averse among us can find a way to trade what is for what could be.

But what about when the stakes are higher?

When the potential outcomes are more uncertain? Or when there’s no precedent to plan for or against? Like leading a business through a global pandemic? Or making the right career move in the midst of a recession? Surely, in such a volatile economic climate, when the losses and gains underpin our livelihoods or the long-term happiness of our families, the best thing we can do is play it safe. …

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Almost every day, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written a journal. If handwritten, roughly 3 A4 pages, digitally I’ll do 1000 words. Either way, it takes roughly between 18–25 mins and gives me everything I’ll ever need for the day.

It’s purely a stream-of-consciousness style of writing. I don’t write with an intention in mind. I don’t edit. I never read it back. I just sit down and let the words come through my fingers. It’s more than a daily ritual, more than a semi-regular cathartic experience. It anchors my entire life.

Thought I’d just share one entry for no particular reason. Just to let you peer behind the veneer of my waking life. And into the enquiry, I found myself in this morning. …

If you haven’t heard, by 2017, 70% of online content will be video. We can see this already. Our social feeds are rife with them. Short and long clips with or without subtitles, showcasing somebody’s idea, or product, or ‘best smoothie ever’.

As entrepreneurs, professionals and consultants it’s vital we start sharing our message in high def. A video strategy and production line is something we’ll have to get used to, become proficient with and integrate into our brand.

But there are many different ways to approach video. All with different levels of investment (time or money) and effectiveness.

In the interest of brevity, I’d like to offer you three distinct frames (pardon the pun) you could use to begin or deepen your online video presence. Three styles worth exploring and experimenting with to build on your motion picture mojo. …

An emerging role in the modern business landscape

The new world of work organisations will require a new breed of worker.

As new challenges emerge so do fresh opportunities for never before seen roles.

These roles will require skills, behaviours and mindsets that have previously been laughed or locked out of the boardroom.

These roles will predominantly be filled by people who have ignored, avoided or survived the corporate conditioning.

People who have reawakened their creativity, who are driven by a deeper purpose and are seeking meaningful ways to channel their unique essence.

Companies would do well to start exploring the idea of what these roles might look like. …

Directed by David & Mykel Dixon, Film Production by David Dixon, Music and Spoken Word by Mykel Dixon.

Within the first month of working at Inspire9 I was moved by the energy of the community. Blessed with a job description that required me to befriend every startup, freelancer and creative I found myself adrift in a sea of talent.

An endless parade of unassuming yet overachieving change makers would float through our door. Each one embodied an individual story that blended into a larger narrative of what it means to live and work in the modern world.

So with the intention to capture and showcase the experience of what it’s like to work from such a space, I thought it might be a good idea to make a film. …


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Unleashing personal & professional Artistry in individuals, teams, and brands.

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