Krusty Braday’s Blog

June 6th

“A chase”

It’s happened last week, but as I’ve just reached the blog, I’m hurry to share a brand new curious story.

As you’ve already found out, I work and live in NYC, where there are 10 millions of us. So, to run into a person you know, here, is far more complicated, than going down the street and spot a new Starbucks café’s been opened. But, though, sometimes such things happen, I’ve used to devide them on 3 categories.

The first one is: “Oh, hi! It’s been a while! What’s up?”

Second — it’s when you hear name shouting out loud across the street, and a stupid conversation longs half an hour after what you decide “to meet up”.

And the third is my suspiciously favourite. These I call: “So, it supposed to happen this way”. 7 days ago I could not imagine a new meeting appears so uncommon that’ll rest unqualified.

It was Friday, and like always, work was finished early enough for walk back home. Gone through beloved bridge, mind on weekend plans. I went, paying attention on quantity of yellowish street lights down the street. Then, I saw the girl fast strolling towards. Something familiar was in that pacing. So add-looking she was, going a bit fast, but examing everything on her way. 
 “Beneath many of passers-by somehow spotted her, — I thought, — Have to talk to her, in any possible way”. I was just about getting back from my thoughts to reality, when the girl made step forward from the crowd and began to talk first.
- Hello! — she said kindly. 
- Hi there!
- Sorry, but your style of walking seems very familiar to me!
“No way!”, — it surprised me a lot.
- Yours too, you know. 
- By the way, I’m Mess. Yes, it’s like real “mess”, I know. Everybody, who I’ve met tell me so. And you might be…
- Oh, I’m Mike.
- Nice to meet you, Mike, — she said.
- Nice to meet you too! And, as for the first sight, you have no association for me with the “mess”. 
- Emm, thanks. It’s cute. , — she lower her eyes grinning, than in a second change the theme. — Listen, I’m in a hurry, so…
 Mess picked up the fallen leave and ask: — Have a pen? 
It didn’t take me too long. Being office manager, I’ve used to hold a pen in the inside pockets of my suits. So, I took it out and gave her. She wrote something in the blink, giving back said: 
- There is my number. Call me tomorrow and we’ll decide when or where to meet, okay?
- Yeah yeah, of course! Call you, than.
- Cool! I’m off to go now. Bye, Mike! I’ll wait for your call, — she tell me as quickly as possible and strode away.

Didn’t realise what have just happen, I was watching her going further from the place we have just stood together. Suddenly, with the wind blowing, the leave escaped from my hand and soared upwards. Understood immediatly what to do, I chased after her phone number.

It might’ve looked as though dog was jumping up and down trying to catch the hanging ball. And everytime it goes closer, the teeth clunch nothing, but the thin air.

The leave was flying high and low. I ran another block by, energy on the edge. With a very huge attempt, I jumped and caught it. Don’t remember more valuable thing to be chase after, than that loosy fallen leave.

Glancing at last on the number, I found it as though seen before. And began to looking for some connections with the digits in my mind.
 “Mess, Mess…, — I thought hard, — why your number looks so familiar?“ 
Completely puzzled, hadn’t noticed 2 blocks behind my back, got home. Sat down the chair near doorway, it’s suddenly occured to me: 
 “Mess! How much time it’s been since we met in subway! Courious, very curious I am, about if you remember me too…”.