Sex Times at St. John Bosco High

This is Part 4 in a series of Autobiographical Tales of a Chicano Kid’s Journey through Los Angeles Catholic Schools.

Growing up, I was taught that I would go to hell for having sex. And I believed it.

It was a concern that came across my mind during my first time. It was as if when the semen exited my penis into her, so did my soul, too, into this demon woman. She had for long tempted me; this seductress of sex who finally grabbed my penis and shoved it inside her. “Uh-oh, this is the point of no return,” I thought as I lost my virginity at 17.

She had gone to the Catholic school that was sister to my all-boys high school, St. John Bosco. So we both knew, we were going to go to hell together.

Before I fucked away my ticket to heaven, the truth was, I had already been having sex. The kind of sex that left my and her virginity intact.

We would drive around at night when our hormones kicked in. “Pull over. Fast,” one of us probably said. We parked in the closest, but most discrete, parking spot available: a dimly lit location at Cerritos Park.

The back seat was not comfortable. It worked well for oral sex, but not for the next level shit we were about to do. We had to put the front seats down because this time, she wanted me in her. Somehow. Someway. But we wanted to do something that wouldn’t take us “too far,” either. She wanted to leave that special moment for her future husband.

“Butt fuck me,” so she said.

They talked a lot about saving our virginity at school, but not butt virginity. This was the perfect way to explore each other and at the same time not get God angry. So we circumvented the rules. Multiples times. We were 17 years old.

But Catholic school isn’t that bad for your kids. We learned that the butt isn’t where your virginity is found. Or lost.

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