“This Is My Year” Journal | $20 | mytaughtyou.com

The “New Year” is fast approaching and I imagine many of you either gearing up to make a vision board for the year or hopefully pulling out (and in some cases dusting off) your board for 2015. Were there any highlights? Of the things you placed on there, what did you actually accomplish? How many gold stars can you give yourself for actually making it happen? If you want a bit more help to get even clearer about your goals, I share my method on how I start my “year” in my new journal.

  1. Create your own definitions of success and happiness. It seems like everybody’s “hustling” to have the same things. Make sure that you are living your life on your own terms and do the things that make YOU happy. If you don’t want to work 100 hours per week, don’t.
  2. Make peace with your past. The best gift I’ve ever given myself was to deal with my past head on. I didn’t realize that baggage that I was carrying around that was preventing me from having the things that I really wanted like actual peace and contentment.
  3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Everybody has a story and some of our stories aren’t as good as we’d like for it to be but everyday is an opportunity to be better. Focus on what you have to be grateful for and ask others what they’re grateful for and it’ll change your entire perspective.
  4. Focus on giving more than taking. Take the focus off of what you’ll gain and share your gifts with others. Whenever we’re constantly focusing on what we’ll gain, the things we actually get never seem like enough.
  5. Quit magnifying other people’s accomplishments. We often make a big deal of the things that other people seem to be doing not realizing that we can achieve all of the same things if we actually made a plan and put in the time. And truth be told, you may not even want to do or have what they do anyway!
  6. Make more mistakes! Mistakes are proof that you’re trying. So many people get some hung up on getting it done perfectly that they end up not getting much done or don’t speak up in fear of not being right. You won’t be right 100% of the time. Get over it.
  7. Change the way you think about failure. Failure is inevitable. Failure isn’t always your fault. Failing isn’t always so absolute. Maybe you just need to try it again differently. If you learned something from it, you didn’t fully fail it. You are not your failures — they are events.
  8. Learn to celebrate other’s success. Send a note or flowers when someone does well. When you understand that a win for one is a win for all you don’t have to compare yourself or resent someone.

If you want to hear me talk about these in detail, feel free to listen to the podcast. You can also learn my tried & true organizational method in the first journal “Learn More To Earn More.