MyTaughtYou LIVE PODCAST Weekend

You guyyyyyyyssssss! We’re about a month away from the FIRST EVER “MyTaughtYou” LIVE podcast! Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group will be at both shows — EXCITING! Be sure to catch up on my interview with her if you haven’t already.

Here’s a quick hitlist of things you may or may not know as we get read to have our first big date! It will be my first time meeting so many of you and you have no idea how excited I am about that!

  1. I will be doing a MEET & GREET with PHOTOS after the Saturday show. I’m currently working on confirming the same for Sunday. There is a chance that the meet & greet will be BEFORE the Sunday show so please stay tuned to my Facebook group for more info.
  2. Your tickets will be ready for you at will-call upon your arrival.
  3. The SCAD SHOW theatre is in Midtown so while searching for hotels be sure to plug in MIDTOWN Atlanta. The closest hotel (right across the street) is the W Midtown.
  4. If you want to make a Myleik style evening of this, I recommend an early dinner at BoccaLupo (my favorite), Umi Sushi (so freaking good) or Eat Me Speak Me. If you follow me on the gram, these are the places I’m constantly at. If you’re worried that you’ll be late, save them for the next day. Bocca will be the closest to the venue but probably the hardest to get a table at. Now that I think about it, they’re all hard to get a table at.
  5. If you want to just grab a drink, I really love popping into Bar Margot in The Four Seasons. It’s also one of the few places you tend to always see celebrities.
  6. If you want to grab a late bite or drink at a SUPER INSTAGRAMABLE place after the show, hit up Little Trouble.
  7. If you want to grab a late bite and have amazing good after the live podcast on Saturday, stop into Octopus Bar. It’s open until 2:30AM. I always go for the Salt & Pepper Shrimp.
  8. If you’re flying into Hartsfield-Jackson and you have some time, please go to my favorite pizza place in the airport, Verasano’s (at GATE A). Trust me on this one.
  9. You HAVE to make time to stop by PONCE CITY MARKET. Good food and plenty to see. Make time for getting in and out of the parking lot.
  10. Oh! Oh! There’s also Krog Street Market (kind of a similar vibe as Ponce City Market). I like popping into Ticonderoga Club and I also like getting ice cream at Jeni’s!

See you soon!

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