Why I’ll no longer hide ‘my beauty’

Courtesy of Pixabay

For quite some time around 2016, I tried to make myself less appealing physically because I wanted people to focus on my intellectual abilities.

Yes, I know being pretty ‘opens doors’. The media makes that pretty evident. However, it also closes some…people don’t always see beyond the pretty face.

With that said, I have now come to realize that I want to be myself and feel good about being me. If that means looking pretty and feminine, so be it.

From now on, I’ll let my actions do the talking for anyone who needs to be convinced.

Of course, some people will see me as nothing more than a pretty face, and that’s okay. I’m prepared for that. I have faith that others will notice the things I do and, hopefully, be able to look further than skin deep to find the meaningful aspects of my actions.