Why does 2016 suck so much ?

Like most people, i expected big things from 2016. I expected life to get better but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. In fact the opposite is seems to be the new reality. Thinking back to the start of the year, i simply can not remember turning on my tv and hearing some good news.

Let’s start with January — Some time in January with the Olympics around the corner the world was hit the news of yet another pandemic. The Zika virus took the main stage in January setting the world in fear and causing uncertainties about the upcoming Rio Olympics. By January 20th, the centres of disease control and prevention had put out warnings to tourists planning on visiting south american countries in the coming months.

February came along with even more bad news. Over in America, the FBI had launched an investigation into the flint water crisis. For those of you that are unaware in Flint, Michigan the general water supply had become contaminated with pollutants leaving its citizens with no clean or drinkable water. Turns out this was a result of sloppy policies and could have been easily avoided.

Moving on, the American presidential election is starting to heat up and by February the herd is beginning to thin out with the likes of Jeb Bush withdrawing from the race. This of course is a plus for Donald Trump (more on him later on). On the other side of the world, Taiwan is hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake claiming the lives of over 80 people. Nigeria is hit by another suicide attack, this time in a refugee camp killing 58 people and wounding 78 others. Let’s not forget North Korea are still playing around with missiles.

March comes up with some even more disappointing news. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton begin to emerge as strong forerunners for their respective parties and America's future begins to look a whole lot shakier. The world is stunned by the Brussels attacks as a series of Bombs are detonated at the airport and at one of the city's metro stations killing and wounding many.

In April we learn of one the biggest scandals/ reveals in history. The Panama papers were leaked online revealing details of how some of the world’s richest people hide their assets in secretive shell companies set up in less regulated areas, avoiding tax and legislations. On April 25th the United States send 250 special forces troops to support Syria and fight against ISIS. The Zika virus intensifies as the first death in the United States is recorded. The world says goodbye to a musical Icon as singer Prince passes away.

In May stories of ISIS attacks in Baghdad spread across the airways, an atrocity that saw the death of over 180 people. The United States is hit with more shocking news as Officer Edward Nero is found not guilty on all four charges in the Freddie Gray case. Donald Trump becomes the presumptive republican nominee. 88,000 people are evacuated from Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada as the town is engulfed in a wild fire. EgyptAir flight 804 crashes into the mediterranean sea killing all 66 people on board and the famed Cincinnati zoo silver back gorilla Harambe is shot dead to protect a 3 year old child that fell into it’s enclosure.

Things don’t get much better from here. In June, a number of high-profile athletes decide on skipping the Rio Olympics as a results of growing concerns over the Zika virus. Turkey is struck by another terrorist attack as armed men with explosives kill over 40 people at the Istanbul airport. Another sporting hero is exposed for cheating, Maria Sharapova receives a 2 yr suspension for testing positive for meldonium. Not too far away millions of people in England wake up to shocking news that Great Britain had voted to leave the EU in it’s BREXIT referendum. A majority of 52% of voters voted to leave and it looks like the country is one step closer to achieving that. This saw a domino effect of events occur notably; the resignation of the British Prime minister David Cameron and drop in value of the pound. Over in America more gun violence plagues the country as tensions between African Americans and the police intensify. The worst mass shooting in the history of the U.S. occurs. In the morning of June 12th, 49 people were killed and 53 left injured as a gunman opened fire at a gay night club in Orlando. The world mourns the death of yet another legend, Muhammad Ali dies at the age of 74 after battling with parkinson disease for 30 years.

I feel like giving up at this point, but we push on.

July saw the increase in ISIS lead attacks with the attacks being carried out by ISIS sympathisers across the world. As France closed its doors to the EURO 2016 competition and began celebrating Bastille day it once again became victim to yet another terror attack as a man drove a truck through a crowd in the southern city of Nice killing 84 people and injuring over 200 which included children. On the other side of the world, Japan had it’s worst mass killing in decades as a 26-year-old man stabbed 19 individuals and wounded 26 more. His Target: Disabled patients. Violence broke out in South Sudan as the country celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary. Over 150 people are assumed dead with the possibility of more casualties to come.

So what does the next half of the year hold for us all ?

It’s really hard to look at the future optimistically with all the doom and gloom we get on the news. For once i’d like to wake up to news like there’s been a worldwide cease fire or the cure to cancer has been found and it’s free. Being honest anything good will do at this point. Fingers crossed.