Effective immediately I am stepping down from the @Nodejs TSC

Myles Borins
Aug 22, 2017 · Unlisted



First and foremost, I am not quitting the project. I will continue my duties on the CTC, Build, and Release Working Groups. This includes the upcoming LTS releases and the stability work I have been doing with the V8 team.


A recent decision by the TSC leads me to believe that the Technical Steering Committee is making decisions that are not in the best interest of the Node.js project. This is not about a specific individual, this is about the values we choose to demonstrate as a project and holding ourselves accountable.

The TSC has final authority over this project including:

  • Technical direction
  • Project governance and process (including this policy)
  • Contribution policy
  • GitHub repository hosting
  • Conduct guidelines
  • Maintaining the list of additional Collaborators

The current decision undermines our Conduct Guidelines, drives away potential contributors, and in my opinion undermines the Committee’s ability to govern.

What should we do next

Parting Notes

I genuinely believe that the Node.js leadership can represent the project. We have a diverse community outside of core that includes such amazing efforts such as Node School, Node Bots, and a massive collection of meetups around the world.

I genuinely believe that complacency is not acceptable. We cannot be complacent about our culture, we need to actively maintain the culture we want to see. A culture that is diverse and inclusive. A culture that we can all be proud of.

I genuinely believe that there is a path forward from here, but not with our current governance structure. I implore the individuals on the TSC to do the right thing here and consider re-merging the TSC + CTC so that we can get a fresh start.


The TSC + CTC merged and I was voted in as the Director of the newly formed TSC. I look forward to working with both the committee and the board of directors on a sustainable and reliable Node.js

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