How I Became an Artist
Noah Bradley

I ran across your post on Facebook. Great post. It’s great that you’re sharing your experiences and speaking up about the BS which is the current art school scene.

I went to the Vancouver Film School which promises to turn students into traditional animators in a year. I enrolled stupidly believing their BS only to graduate and find myself completely unprepared for any job in the industry along with all of my classmates. They happily took my money though and I’m still paying the loans back. IMO these people should be put in jail for false advertizing and have their accreditation pulled because they are not placing anyone in jobs!

I live in Canada and unfortunately there are no real art schools here. The closest I could find is maybe the Academy of Realist Art, but they just churn out one trick ponies that are really good at shading that couldn’t do a simple sketch from their imagination if their life depended upon it. At least they are delivering on what they promise though.

Long story short, I decided to divert my creative energies elsewhere (web development and music) and am happy enough with that.

With music I decided to study composition and jazz guitar with my Dad who in turn studied with many of the worlds best jazz musicians. For several years I practiced for 4 to 6 or more hours a day and after maybe five years got good. What I had there though was a mentor who’d I’d see at least a few hours a week and I’d receive feedback, practice material and so on. This has been the simple tradition for music forever. Find a mentor and practice your ass off. You don’t need a fucking institution and it doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands every year.

I’m not an art historian, but this seemed to be how artists used to learn as well. Somewhere along the way some capitalist bastard figured he could scale art education and get his dirty hands in between the student and instructors.

What I would have given to have access to live models a few times a week and one instructor who could actually draw and paint for maybe one hour or two hours a week. How much would that cost? Throw in a few books and DVD’s. A few thousand a year? Also, wouldn’t that be more effective than an “art education”?

Sorry for the rant… Your article hit a nerve.

Really like your work BTW. It’s great to see your first work and your steady progression toward now.


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