A Cruising Collaboration


This collaborative assignment was one that gave me valuable/ relevant experience. Having to interact with my peers and formulate cohesive units is reflective of real-life circumstances, circumstances that professionals encounter regularly. Researching, writing in a neutral voice, and proofreading are only a few examples of what the class assignment encompassed.

Since there were about a dozen different members of our collaborative team, I feel as though my specific duties were limited, in relation to an individual assignment. I honestly would not rate my efforts higher than average. This assessment is largely based on the fact that my partners were all cooperative and active, for the most part. Knowing there were people who would pick up my slack (no pun intended) did influence the level of effort I put forth.

I noticed that various members of my group had other obligations to attend to, whether it was work or classes not-related to “Writing for Digital Media”. It is directly related to issues pertaining to things like formatting and linking. If more time was available to do the necessary proofreading, I believe that our final product would have been much better.

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