The IEP Process : Part II


In the first part of of my breakdown of the IEP process examined what an IEP actually is, as well as the team involved in the decision making. Now I will go over what is actually located in the IEP documentation. Many people do not realize how in depth the specialized education curriculum can be.

In IEPs, annual goals are highlighted for the child. In other words, these are essential milestones that parents, guardians, and the school team think he or she can reasonably accomplish within a year. It also showcases special education and related services to be provided to the child, including supplementary aids and services (such as a communication device) and changes to the program or supports for school personnel.

It also entails how much of the school day the child will be educated separately from non-disabled children. This in addition to designating participation or non participation in extracurricular or other nonacademic activities such as lunch or clubs. There are also district-wide assessments, including what modifications to tests / examinations the child needs. Questions are also answered, such as when services and modifications will begin, how often they will be provided, where they will be provided, how long they will last, and how school personnel will measure the child’s progress toward the annual goals.

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