The IEP Process : Part IV

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Now that the IEP meeting has concluded, what are the next steps? It is important to review and evaluate. What worked? What didn’t? This information can be incorporated into future meetings. Look at your child’s schoolwork daily, if possible, and talk to them their about school activities. There are of course, the essentials. The parent should make their child is getting to school on time regularly, as well as making sure they are eating and sleeping like they should.

They should make sure their child be prepared for school by reviewing homework, asking questions about the next day’s activities, and providing a place for them to do homework or other school-related work and to keep her school materials. If possible, it is also wise to schedule conferences with the various educational professionals who are working with the child on a regular basis , specifically monthly. The parent also is encouraged to inform the professionals of any unusual behavior taking place at home.

The parent is also asked to reinforce some of the skills included in their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals. For example, they can help with some dressing or eating skills that have been identified as goals for their child. Giving the child opportunities at home to practice certain skills may help that child learn them more quickly. If at any time the parent does not feel the school is adequately focusing on the goals of their child’s IEP, they are encouraged to ask for another IEP meeting or discuss your concerns with the school principal or another figure head in their child’s school.

Mediation services are also available if any issues arise surrounding a child’s IEP. They can be requested at no cost to the parent or guardian. Mediation can help you and the school administration resolve any problems or misunderstandings in a productive and non-confrontational way. At the end of the day, the entire process is about the well-being of children in grave need.

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