Being a 16-year-old Entrepreneur

Many people have asked me this question — what is it like being a young entrepreneur? I answer by saying this “bloody difficult”. There is no lie that I enjoy being an entrepreneur, I love the reward of being my own boss, and of course the money that comes with it. However, it’s not just that. Being an entrepreneur enables me to express my love of business and social media — it’s a way of showing who I am and creating a platform for me to succeed in doing what I love. Owning a business whilst being at school is a challenge, of course, most of my time needs to be focused on my education. I want to do well, not only in my education but also in my business. To achieve this I had to come up with a way to organise my schedule and handle both. Naturally, it would be nice to focus all of my time into Xakli but obviously, that cannot happen right now. I thought long and hard on how I should approach the next couple of years. By doing this, I am now able to succeed in school and have the time to run my company which I am so passionate about.

The reason why I say it’s ‘bloody difficult’ is that I know what it takes to run a successful business. I’ve grown up all my life in a business environment and I’ve seen it all — trust me! The failures, the successes and the effect it has on both your personal and professional life. The pressure of doing well in my GCSE’s is certainly not eased by running a business — but I know that if I want to become a millionaire, I have to find a way to handle this type of pressure and succeed in both areas. Being young allows me to still find my feet in the business world and provides me the platform to still learn and to perfect what I am best at. Another challenge I have to overcome is my age. A lot of people have their opinions on young entrepreneurs and the stigma that follows suit. Ultimately, I couldn’t care what people think of me being an entrepreneur. When someone makes a snide comment I just simply reply — “I’m succeeding, you’re not” and I don’t mean that in an obnoxious way. I say that to shut them up because, at the end of the day, I am running this company for my own benefit — not theirs. I’m a disrupter, I’m disrupting the business world by being young and succeeding. Young entrepreneurs are taking over and people need to realise that. Here’s an example, Steve Bartlett owns one of the largest digital marketing companies in the UK…at 25. He had people in his life that didn’t believe in him, that didn’t think he would cut it — but he didn’t take notice. Steve had to overcome many challenges in his life after dropping out of university in his first lecture, not having enough money to buy food, on the verge of being homeless and not speaking to his Mum in almost 18 months. Now he’s a millionaire, a blueprint of how a young entrepreneur can overcome certain obstacles and rise to the top — by perseverance, commitment and believing in himself.

I want to finish this off by asking you a question. If you are reading this now, chances are you either know me personally or stumbled across this article because of the title. And I’m sure some of you are interested in business and have aspirations in becoming an entrepreneur. And if so, think of the hardest thing you have done in your life so far — think of one thing. This could be an important exam, competing in a competition or simply beating your sibling at a game of FIFA. Now, what made you overcome this particular challenge? This could be perseverance, hard-work or optimism. Use your answer and apply this to your next obstacle in your life, because whatever you did to succeed in that one thing will help you to overcome future challenges in your life.

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