Different Types of Dog Collars Styles

It may look simple, but to select a dog collar is quite a tricky thing. You need to take care of many aspects while picking up any dog collar like your canine’s age, size, body type, etc. Moreover, there are several options of dog collars are available in the market, and each dog is different. Some dogs tend to have nylon collars, and some prefer leather!

So, we should always take some time to think before shopping of any collars for our beloved pups. Most importantly, first of all, we should decide the purpose. You can also take some guidance from the veterinary doctors. As per our research, these collars are fantastic for dogs. Take a look and choose the best one for your dog.

  1. Rolled Collars

Rolled collars are also known as flat collars. You can easily identify such type of collars, and they are the most common collars preferred for any dog breed. So you can say that they are standard collars with all the requirements.

There is one buckle & one holding hook to preserve license tags. Moreover, you can get the variety of colors and styles. You can make these type of collars your dog’s everyday collar!

2. Martingale Collars

Martingale collars are limited slip collars. They are helpful in many ways. They avoid moving over the dog’s head and can be adjusted correctly. The mechanism is like when you pull the collar in its highest position; then also there is some space left between the collar and the dog’s neck, which prevents complete closure of the neck.

3. Leather Dog Collars

This type of collar is the most stylish dog collar. There are several collars available in the material of leather, and it looks absolutely classy. If you have a larger breed of dog, then you must go for the leather dog collars. Such collars avoid the chafing and not at all harmful to the dog’s neck hair.

Leather collars for big dogs include metal studs, spikes, etc. There are some excellent colors available which can style your dog attractively. As they are natural, they are more eco-friendly and safe for the skin.

4. Choke chains

Choke chains are known as chain slip collars. In the past, almost every dog owner preferred to choke chains. It was trending at that time. If your dog is notorious, you should definitely go for choke chains as they are well-known to give a sharp jerk to stop him.

So with the help of choke chains, you can give him a light correction and then he will understand how to behave. But, never use such type of collars when you are not around to attend your dog, as it might be risky.

5. Harnesses

Harnesses look different than the normal collars, but they also work like collars. They are designed to cover half of the dog’s body. The harness should be placed around dog’s chest and abdomen, crossing over the back. On some dog breeds, it looks amazing and even dogs like that.

One main advantage a harness is provided is that it does not pressurize the neck. Many dog owners prefer the Roman harness as it is comfortable to their beloved dog and bands are easily adjustable.

The owners, masters, and even the vet doctors prefer these five types of collars for the dog according to the comfort and happiness of the dog. There are many other types are available in the market. We suggest you to go through all the information before taking any decisions as dog collars are a necessary and unavoidable part of your canine’s life. Give your loyal bud a gift which h enjoys and feel good.