there is a web host that never goes out.

a sex-positive, intersectional, inexpensive, private, and secure way to have a web presence. we know, because we used to be/are still sex workers.

okay, one of us is an international lawyer and political advisor for someone you’d actually like. but they paid for law school and two master’s in laws by engaging in the business of companionship and sex positivity. he also wrote about a lot of his experiences. yes, a him. this is irrelevant, other than that he is a canadian and an american, practices law in several states and provinces (and around the world), and has seen enough to finally reach his breaking point.

here’s the offer.

i’ve got a few dedicated servers lying around in jurisdictions off limits to certain U.S. federal laws designed to fuck over (pun not intended) SWers of all types and flavours. i’m not in this for money, or i’d be making incest porn over on pornhub. (hmmmmm….) the servers are top of the line, brand new, and directly connected to data centres that serve the east coast of north america, the west coast of north america, europe, asia, and even oceania.

i see too many websites designed for marketing and sales that are awful, and i know you overpay for them. by a lot. and you put in a lot of work for a profit margin that sometimes isn’t great, especially for new entrants in the industry. here’s how we help everyone profit.

you get space on my dedicated server for $10/month. for that, you get a free security certificate (SSL/SSH), 10GB of space, unlimited transfer/bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited databases, and open-source (meaning no royalties) software allowing you to interact with your clients while protecting your privacy? have some freak who thinks he can use his skills to track you down? he’ll find a mailbox in the cayman islands or the british virgin islands. or canada. not you. not me.

payouts? you control everything. need an LLC or an anonymous corporation set up? i’m a lawyer. i can do that in my sleep. you’ll pay less taxes and be untraceable (but still be in compliance with the government, which is a good thing). cam sites offer 80%, maybe 85%, or even 90% rarely, depending on the star. you pay for the costs of hosting, having a store, and bandwidth, which is about 1%. the rest goes directly into your local, domestic bank account. (nobody goes offshore, unless you’re in a terrible action movie.)

the cost? really, what’s the cost?

starting off, $10/month. if you use more space, you’ll get charged accordingly, and i will be transparent as shit about it. need a new domain? we have competitive prices with legit subcontractors. need even more security and/or protection from DDoS attacks? we’ve got that. want to control everything from your phone? we can do that. at worst, you’ll pay cost plus the minimal amount of labour involved to get you going. tech support? if you reside/work in north america, we’ve got you covered from 10am to late into the night. server not working? we have an entire team to get it back up; if not, we have a secondary service.

how can i do this? who the fuck do i think i am?

i have a BA (honours) in political science from mcgill university, and i spent half that time at MIT’s business school and media lab. then i earned my LL.B. in law at the university of montreal and graduated at the top of my class. (this point of my life i spent working for VICE, writing a weekly sex and relationships column in english and french, and working in amateur porn as a performer.) then i was called to the quebec bar, earned two more master’s of laws degrees in international law and constitutional law, and i worked for that world leader everyone likes and finds sexy. in that period, i directed and produced documentary films and french-language tv shows, earning myself some major awards. (if you want films that make the major porn studios’ output look 90s gonzo, hit me up.) my vanilla job is making commercials for Chanel and Mercedes and shooting celebrities for Vogue and ELLE.

i’ve studied the infrastructure required for this and it’s easy to set up. i’m not interested in anything but meeting my costs for this; no profit motive whatsoever.

i’ve worked in the sex industry. granted, i mainly worked a long time ago, but i’m getting back in, and it’s worse than ever. maybe i can make it less shitty.

how can i trust you?

you can’t. men are shit. but…

i’ll give you my real email address. my real facebook. my real instagram (heads up: it’s fucking boring). my real phone number. i’ll scan my fucking passport and/or drivers license. i can give references. i value privacy and safety above all else, but i know how crucial it is to hustle and make money.

fuck, i’m based out of new orleans. i’ll give you my office address, or better yet, meet me for a coffee or some legit amazing food. i know the best daiquiri places, and the best places to get pho. plus, where to avoid the tourist traps. and i’ll hook you up with connections that will give you better advice on the scene here more than i could ever.

i expect nothing from women.

fuck everybody, let’s get paid together.

call/text me (business hours only please): 917–588–2211
twitter: @calinedebinne