Against Chill
Alana Massey

The concept of “love” does more damage to the potential of intimate relationships than chill ever will. I should write an article called “The Illusion Of Love”. It is this ambiguous experience that so many people are chasing but they don’t even know what it means. Ask 9 people what love means and you will get 9 different responses. How can we all the pursue one thing if it means something different to all of us. “I was at the beach and I met my dream girl, why aren't we together? Because she was looking for her dream guy.” At least these guys who want to chill know exactly what they want. Its clear and concise. Its true, they just weren’t that into you. When the right woman comes along we do everything we can to cater to her desires and experience so we can have her in our life through the thick and thin, the chill and the not so chill. Seems like you need to do some deep digging on what you really really want, what love really means to you and then declare that you will settle for nothing else and stick to that when dating. All the best with that :)