Watch to unlock, Watch to see what happened too?

Using the Watch to unlock Mac feature on the macOS Sierra is really neat. It utilises an extremely personal device to perform something you would perform personally. This seems to be done right. But then there are some that aren’t quite. The unlocking is very quick for instance. It’s so quick that you can barely read the message saying ‘Unlocking with Apple Watch…’. Not only that, but it also makes the switch user scenario unusable. To top that, there is a small notification that pops on the Watch saying the ‘Mac was unlocked by this Apple Watch’.

The problem is I’m looking at my Mac at the time and I receive a feedback on my Watch. The feedback notification should be on the Mac, perhaps even a nice animation of some sort. A feedback notification on my Watch throws me out of the context and if is going to do it every time, I’m going to start ignoring it; a fundamental thing you don’t want the Watch to encourage as a habit. I like to be able to choose to act on the notifications on my Watch after I’ve seen them, but I DO see them. When I’m notified of something everytime I do an action elsewhere, I’m going to start ignoring looking. It could coincide with another notification that could have been important to look at, and I could have decided it is the unlock feedback notification.

Now on to Face ID on Mac and make it all go away.