Ideal App for Wedding Photographers and Brides

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Scott Webb

You just met your newest client, a bride who is over the top excited- she just got engaged. You know that when you see her again for her engagement shoot, about 3 months before the wedding, some of that excitement will have given way to a bride who is stressed, anxious, even overwhelmed after realizing how much detail, time and money goes into the planning her perfect day.

You want to create an artistic work that tells the story of the couple’s special day in beautiful pictures that capture their style, joy, unique relationship and personalities.

Let’s talk workflow…

What about the coordination? Do you have time to visit every social media account of every bride you are working with to get a vibe for her flair? It’s pretty noisy online…how do you cut through it all to see only what you need to see to create the perfect wedding story in photos for the happy couple?

How about managing the consultation appointments, shoot dates, having all the right people in the right place at the right times…

How do you upload some files for her to see a sneak peek…or the whole portfolio? A place for her and other members of her planning team to like, tag, comment…

How do you manage the various task lists for her and assign different tasks to different people? Remember to bring a, b, and c. If it’s raining that day, you will need to bring x. And don’t forget to make a list of all of the shots you think you want. Bride with dad, bride with mom, bride with siblings, and the list goes on…

Where are all of these lists?

Some brides use wedding planners to keep them organized. For those who don’t, that job can often default to the wedding photographer. After all, you’re probably communicating with her more than anyone else outside her family in preparation for her big day. Who is the person who’s been there, done that with dozens of brides over time? Who is the person that must be organized in order to do the job he or she is being paid to do? And who is the person responsible for getting to know the couple well enough to be able to reflect that knowledge into the visual wedding day story they will treasure forever?

The biggest question of all…is there a way to get this organized all into one place?

Meet MYLO. Your life just got easier. Launched early summer of 2016, you now have a single app for creating a group for each wedding- where you can manage conversations, photo albums, events, and task lists. Oh, did we mention this is also the perfect tool for brides to plan their entire wedding all the way down to creating a registry?

The best part? It’s an app for iOS, Android, and web ( And, it doesn’t cost anyone a dime to use. Check MYLO groups out in the App Store or Play Store. The clever way to collaborate with your group, privately.